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Tournament regulations 2019 (8 teams)

  1. The participating teams are divided into two groups of four teams each and play half a competiti­on. The number 1 and 2 of each group will qualify for the semi-finals.
  2. The group-matches last 2*25 minutes. All other matches following the group matches last 2*25 minutes.All matches on Sunday, being a draw: will be decided on penalties.
  3. There will be a toss before each match. The winner of the toss is to choose the direction of play, the loser will kick off.
  4. All matches will be played according to FIFA/UEFA-regulations. All matches shall be played in accordance with the rules of the International Football Association Board (IFAB).
  5. Any player given 2 yellow cards or one red card during a match will be suspended for the next match. Any player given 2 yellow cards during the tournament will also be suspended for the next match.
  6. The matches will be refereed by Dutch FA (KNVB) and other European FA referees.
  7. Throughout the tournament, each referee will be assisted by 2 experienced, neutral assistant-referees.
  8. The tournament is open to players born later than 1. January 2000 and before 31. December 2001. Each team may have up to 3 players no more than 1 year older than that. Only the national teams may have players born after 1st January 1999.
  9. Normal substitution regulations shall apply throughout the tournament: up to 5 players or 4 players and 1 goalkeeper may be substituted per match.
  10. Each team is obliged to start the match on time. If a team is five minutes late, the opponent will be declared winner with a 3-0 result.
  11. In the event of the team-colours being identical or similar, the team listed first in the programme is to change its kit. The referee will decide in dubious situations.
  12. Before the first match of the tournament, each team is to present to the tournament organization a list with the name, initials, date of birth and shirtnumber of each player. There is no limit to the number of players listed.
  13. The number of points scored by each team will decide the final result in each group. 3 points will be awarded for a victory, 1 for a draw. Should two teams in the same group have the same number of points, the result of the mutual match will be decisive, if this is equal the aggregate score (=scored goals less goals against) will be taken into account. If the score is still the same, the number of goals scored will count. If this still makes no difference a decision has to be forced by penalties. 5 penalties will be taken for each team by 5 different players. If necessary the penalties will continue with other players. The first team to miss a penalty after an equal number of penalties is the loser.
  14. If an aggregate situation has arisen due to an opponent’s misbehaviour, then the organization, in consultation with the referees, will decide upon the validity of the aggregate. This decision will be binding.
  15. There are 8 Cups to be won during the tournament, numbers 1 to 8. The tournament winner will also receive a challenge cup: the "Berendhaus Future-Cup". Finally cups will also be awarded for the best goalkeeper, the best player and the topscorer of the tournament.
  16. Both finalists will be expected to confirm their participation in 2020.
  17. It is common practice to exchange pennants before each match.
  18. All officials and players participating in the tournament are to arrange their own health and accident insurance for the duration of their stay in Holland.
  19. The tournament  committee is responsible for all sporting arrangements in connection with the tournament, as well as for any disputes, protests or complaints. The committee will not accept complaints relating to decisions taken by the referees
  20. All television and radio rights rest with the organization.