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General rules 2019

  1. Admission fee: adults pay € 25,00 for a passe-partout. On Friday adults pay € 6,00, on Saturday € 12,00 and on Sunday € 12,00 per person. Children up to 12 years have free entrance. Youth 13 to 17 years pay € 12,50 for a passe-partout, on Friday € 3,00, on Satur­day € 6,00 and on Sunday € 6,00 per person.
  2. Price of the programmbook is € 2,50.
  3. It is forbidden to enter the dressing rooms of teams, referees, and linesmen unauthorized as well as the boardroom, the match secretary and the VIP-rooms.
  4. The spectators are obliged to stay behind the fences of the ground.
  5. It is not allowed to take bottles and drinkglasses onto the ground.
  6. Lost property and lost articles can be reported to the tournament-office in the jury-coach. The organization cannot be held responsible for loss, theft and damage.
  7. Consult the Red-Cross (EHV) station, when injured.
  8. If necessary to reach our ground: dial (+31)-(0)6-54907424 or (+31) (0)6-53289432.
  9. Participation in side-activities is always at own risk.
  10. Anyone misconducting, will be sent off the ground for the entire duration of the tournament by the tournament organization.
  11. Spectators and participants are requested to put the litter in the trash bins.
  12. Demolishing will be repaired on account of the destroyer.
  13. Keep your entrance-ticket with you. There may be held additional checks by the organization during the tournament.
  14. Visitors of the vip-area will have an intake check and they will be marked with an wristband.
  15. Visitors above 18 years of age will be marked with an wristband for the use of alcoholic drinks.
  16. It is not allowed to bring your own food and beverages into the stadium.
  17. During the tournament you can only pay with SGS-tokens for food and beverage. These tokens can be bought at the designated locations.
  18. In all the cases the general-rules do not cover, decides the organization team
  19. At the accommodation, photos are taken and recordings for radio and TV. All visitors to the Terborg Tournament agree with the fact that any photo and / or visual material could be published in various media on which visitors to the Terborg Tournament could be seen.